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Athlete’s Foot

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Conditions-Athlete's-Foot-Dr.-Salma-AzizAthlete’s foot is characterized by a skin infection caused by fungus. This type of infection can develop on any place in the body, but is referred to as athlete’s foot when it develops on the feet. Your feet are at an increased risk for this type of infection because fungus grows more easily in warm, moist, and dark environments (like your shoes). You are most likely to encounter this type of fungus in locker rooms and public pools and showers.

Symptoms: Athlete’s foot involves scaly, dry, and itchy skin on the soles of your feet and in between your toes. In more severe cases, blisters, cracks, and inflammation may occur.

Non-Surgical Treatments: The fungus can spread to the toenails if it is not treated, so it is important to seek treatment for athlete’s foot. Your doctor can recommend an anti-fungal powder, spray, or cream to treat the infection.

You can help prevent the spread of infection by keeping your feet clean and dry. If you sweat often, try changing your socks throughout the day.