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Flat Feet

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Conditions Flat Feet Dr. Salma Aziz - Flat FeetFlat feet consist of a lack or arch at the bottom of the feet. Oftentimes, this condition is present from a very young age, and arches never develop the way they should. However, it can also develop later in life due to injuries and certain conditions that can cause the arches to fall.

Symptoms: Flat feet cause the joints at either end of the foot to be strained. However, many patients with this condition never notice any symptoms. Some possible symptoms include easily fatigued feet, pain in the arches and heels, back and leg pain, swelling at the bottom of the feet, and trouble standing on toes.

Non-Surgical Treatments: Treatment is only needed if flat feet cause pain. Some approaches include custom orthotics to shift weight bearing position and taping to help feet maintain their proper position.

Surgery: Surgery is used as a last resort if pain and discomfort is not remedied with non-surgical approaches. Surgery for flat feet involves either realigning the bones in the foot or reinforcing tendon structures.