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Conditions-Neuromas-Dr.-Salma-AzizNeuromas are growths in your foot that consist of nerve tissue. They are most commonly located between the third and fourth toes. Neuromas develop when the ligaments and bones in your feet are pressed together and irritate a nerve. You are more at risk for developing neuromas if you wear tight shoes, injure your foot, or place stress on your foot often.

Symptoms: Neuroma symptoms often begin gradually and can include tingling or numbness between the toes, a painful lump, and a sharp burning pain in the ball of your foot that gets worse when you walk. Many patients also report the feeling of having something in their shoe.

Non-Surgical Treatments: Getting treatment for neuromas is important, because the condition can worsen otherwise. Symptoms can be managed with physical therapy, custom orthotics, padding, taping, and medications. These non-surgical approaches can help to manage pain, reduce swelling, prevent nerve irritation, and reduce nerve pressure.

Surgery: If no other treatments are effective, surgery might be used to treat neuromas. This can involve removing the affected nerve.