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Peripheral Neuropathy

Conditions-Peripheral-Neuropathy-Dr.-Salma-AzizPeripheral neuropathy is the damage to the peripheral nerves, located in your toes. When the nerves are damaged, it causes abnormal sensation or decreased sensation. The condition can also lead to more serious issues, like the inability to move your toes. Peripheral neuropathy is most commonly caused by diabetes, but injury, neurological disorders, arthritis, certain medications, heredity, and alcoholism can also contribute.

Symptoms: Numbness in your toes if often the first sign of peripheral neuropathy. You might also experience a stabbing or shooting pain in your toes, as well as burning or numbness. Some patients experience a pins and needles feeling, or a sensation of wearing a sock that is not there.

Non-Surgical Treatments: Monitoring your feet is important, so you will need to inspect them regularly. Exercising daily will improve blood flow and medications and ointments will reduce pain and inflammation. Nerve function can be improved with massage, electrical nerve stimulation, and physical therapy. If you are diabetic, you will need to carefully control and monitor your blood sugar levels.