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Plantar Fibroma

Conditions Plantar Fibroma Dr. Salma Aziz1 - Plantar FibromaPlantar fibroma is characterized by a fibrous knot in the plantar fascia, which is located in the arch of your foot. It can affect one or both feet and the knot can increase in size gradually over time. Genetics might contribute to the development of plantar fibroma.

Symptoms: In addition to a knot in the arch, symptoms of plantar fibroma include pain that worsens when walking and standing barefoot, or when shoes press up against the lump.

Non-Surgical Treatments: Treatment is necessary for plantar fibroma. It does not go away on its own. Orthotics can relieve pain by redistributing your weight, and steroid injections and medications can be used to reduce pain as well.

Surgery: If pain is not resolved through non-surgical methods, the knot can be surgically removed.