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Conditions Tarsal Coalition Dr. Salma Aziz1 - Tarsal CoalitionTarsal coalition is characterized by the abnormal joining of two bones located in the hind foot. The joining can be made up of fibrous tissue, bone, or cartilage. This condition begins before birth.

Symptoms: The signs of tarsal coalition surface around ages 9 to 16 years, when the bones start to mature. Symptoms include limping, limited motion, pain, stiffness, fatigued legs, and muscle spasms.

Non-Surgical Treatment: In order to relieve symptoms, your doctor might suggest casting to rest the foot, orthotic inserts to redistribute weight from the affected area, or physical therapy to improve motion. Injections and medications can reduce inflammation and pain.

Surgery: If conservative methods do not provide relief, surgery to separate the tarsal bones may be necessary.