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Conditions-Warts-Dr.-Salma-AzizA wart is a rough growth on the surface of your skin that is caused by an infection. When a wart develops on your foot, it is called a plantar wart. The infection that leads to a wart is caused by a virus that enters your skin through small cuts. You have an increased risk of developing warts if you have a weakened immune system, or if you spend a lot of time barefoot in public showers, gyms, or locker rooms.

Symptoms: Warts can develop in clusters or alone. The growths are usually an inch or more across and are spongy. They can be brown, black, or red spots and often reoccur in the same spots.

Treatments: Seeking treatment for warts is important because they can spread to other areas of the foot quickly. Warts are removed with small instruments using a local anesthetic in a quick, in-office setting.