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Custom Orthotics for Athletes Near Me

Orthotics are specially-made inserts for your shoes. They are used to manage a wide range of foot and ankle issues, such as calluses, heel pain, flat feet, and more. At our center, foot orthotics are custom made for each individual patient in order to completely address personalized needs. You will also find that our custom orthotics are better than over-the-counter inserts and even many other custom orthotics, because we use the neutral suspension technique.

The neutral suspension technique allows us to capture the foot in a suspended position so that the mold reflects the foot’s optimum position without having to take weight-bearing forces into consideration. Next, we send the molds to a lab where many varieties of orthotics are made to fit into different types of shoes in order to match your professional or athletic lifestyle.

Contact our office today to schedule a consultation so we can find out if custom orthotics would help you!