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If you are experiencing any type of foot pain, contact our foot and ankle specialist today. We can answer any questions that you might have about our diagnostic process and available treatment options, which range from non-invasive to surgical. When you come in to our office, you can be sure that you are being treated by the top podiatrist in the area. Learn more about different types of foot and ankle pain and how seeing a specialist can help:

About Specialists

A foot and ankle specialist is a person who has earned the distinction of being a doctor of podiatric medicine. Their medical training has focused on the foot, ankle and associated body systems. They are experts in foot and ankle care. They are medical professionals trained in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot and ankle disorders. They are medical experts who work to develop a treatment plan based on an individual’s specific needs. In many cases, they will utilize other specialists to properly diagnose and treat a person’s condition. This includes radiologists, vascular medicine specialists, orthoplastics and more.

Foot Pain

Foot-and-Ankle-Specialist-by-Mission-Viejo-Foot-and-Ankle-Surgeon--(1)There are a number of different reasons a person could be experiencing pain in one or both of their feet. It could involve a traumatic injury as well as shoe problems, excessive weight or some type of disease process and more. A person’s feet experience a lot of abuse on a daily basis.

There are some common causes of foot pain. For example, painful and hardened raised calluses are called corns. They often develop on the side of a person’s little toe. Corns can be caused by a person wearing shoes that cram their toes. They can be removed by a foot and ankle specialist.

A patient can also have a virus that causes them to develop plantar warts on their foot. Walking can be a painful experience if the plantar warts develop on the bottom of a person’s foot. A podiatrist will be able to handle ingrown toenails, Achilles tendonitis, and more. People who develop ingrown toenails find them very painful. In many cases, this condition will need to be treated by a foot and ankle specialist to be resolved.

Heel Pain

Foot-and-Ankle-Specialist-by-Mission-Viejo-Foot-and-Ankle-Surgeon--(2)When you walk, your heel absorbs most of your body weight with every step. This results in an estimated 60 tons of pressure on the heel for each mile that you walk. This is the reason heel pain is the most common type of injury to the foot. When a person experiences heel pain, they need to stop immediately doing any activity that could be causing it. The next thing is to make an appointment to see a specialist as soon as possible. It’s important to realize that if heel pain is left untreated, it can turn into a chronic condition.

Back Of Foot Pain

Foot-and-Ankle-Specialist-by-Mission-Viejo-Foot-and-Ankle-Surgeon--(3)When a patient experiences pain behind their heel, it is usually the result of wearing shoes that are too tight in the back. It can also result from running in shoes that are too snug in the heel. Pain in the back of the foot can also develop when a patient routinely walks around in shoes that are too tight. A specialist will be able to determine if this condition can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication, ice or by doing certain exercises. They will also know if it is a symptom of something more serious.

Bottom Of Foot Pain
Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and stone bruises are the most common injuries that occur on the bottom of a patient’s foot. Plantar fasciitis often happens because of overuse—for example, while running too long without resting. In many cases, plantar fasciitis can be successfully treated with rest, stretching, and exercises. Heel pads may be prescribed by a foot and ankle specialist to help reduce pain. If you ignore the symptoms of plantar fasciitis for too long, a heel spur can develop.

Foot-and-Ankle-Specialist-by-Mission-Viejo-Foot-and-Ankle-Surgeon--(4)Regardless of the type of pain that you are experiencing, it is important to be seen by one of our specialists. Our caring and experienced medical staff will utilize a consultation appointment to learn more about your symptoms, overall health, and medical history. We use the information that we learn about you, combined with any type of diagnostic imaging, to put together a treatment plan that is best for your overall quality of life. At our office, you will find that your foot and ankle specialist is seeking to treat you as an individual instead of just your source of pain.