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Foot Fracture Causes

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Our feet endure hours of stress and strain each day. They support our body weight and walk over all sorts of terrain. They also tolerate being inserted into all types of footwear, both comfortable and tortuous.

It should come as little surprise then that our daily activities can lead to eventual fractures in our feet. You can protect your own feet by knowing what doctors say are the most common causes of foot fractures.

Poor Choice in Footwear

Stilettos and high heels may look glamorous. However, their effects on your feet are anything but that after you have worn this type of shoes for years.

Women who wear high heels and stilettos regularly over the course of years can put stress on and weaken the bones in their toes and upper feet. This weakening can lead to painful and deforming fractures that can make wearing these types of shoes difficult or even impossible after the fractures have healed.

You can avoid putting stress and strain on your toe bones and the bones in your upper feet by wearing sensible and comfortable shoes. Your efforts to put your comfort over fashion could save you from painful breaks in your feet bones.


Your feet are designed to withstand impressive amounts of wear and tear. Eventually, however, this constant abuse to your feet can take its toll.

People who work jobs that require extensive and prolonged walking or standing often suffer higher incidences of foot fractures. Likewise, athletes who run, slide, jump, and engage in other activities can break the bones in their feet easily without proper precaution. If you play sports or work a job that puts stress on your feet, you should wear protective footwear that supports your ankles and also safeguards your toes and the top part of your feet.

Poor Nutrition

Many people forget that the food they eat can affect the health of their feet. To protect the bones in your feet, you should eat foods that are high in calcium, which is vital for good bone health. You should also eat protein-rich foods to help the muscles in your feet stay strong and healthy.

Foot fractures are painful and difficult from which to heal. You can protect your feet by wearing sensible shoes, avoiding stress and strain while working or playing sports, and by eating a diet that offers plenty of nutrients like calcium and protein.

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