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Bringing your child to see a pediatric foot doctor in Mission Viejo is an important aspect of your child’s overall health and wellbeing. Without proper foot care, your child’s physical activity can be impacted. Schedule an appointment with our office if you have any concern over your child’s foot and ankle development, or if any injuries surface.

Why is a pediatric foot doctor important?

There are many ways that your child’s foot could be negatively affected.

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Foot issues can cause your toddler or child to experience the following:
  • Pediatric-Foot-Doctor-in-Mission-Viejo-by-Mission-Viejo-Foot-and-Ankle-Surgeon--(1)Avoidance of physical activity, such as sports
  • Back pain
  • Bad posture
  • Issues with the leg

Working with a pediatric foot doctor in Mission Viejo in a child’s early years can keep them from developing serious problems in their lower extremities later in life. By going to a pediatric foot doctor now, your child can be given the required tools their feet will need to grow and develop as they should.

Your Baby’s Feet

When a child is born, one of the first things that a parent will do is count every one of their newborn baby’s toes to make sure that all ten are there. Parents should also consider their child’s foot health after those tender first moments in the hospital. A baby’s foot grows quite a bit during their first year, so pediatric foot doctors consider this time crucial in their overall development.

Pediatric-Foot-Doctor-in-Mission-Viejo-by-Mission-Viejo-Foot-and-Ankle-Surgeon--(2)What you can do as a parent is to put shoes and socks on your baby that are a bit loose. You should also try to get your baby to move their feet as much as possible. Lastly, be on the lookout for any abnormalities in your baby’s feet. The sooner those are caught, the better. Early treatment by a pediatric foot doctor in Mission Viejo is important.

Your Toddler’s Feet

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, the feet of your toddler should be looked at by a pediatric foot doctor on a regular basis. Your toddler’s feet will be growing at a speedy rate, so you will need to buy new shoes every few months. It is extremely important that you buy the proper footwear for your toddler as ill-fitting shoes can cause a lot of damage that will be costly to repair in your child’s later years. If your child continually wears shoes that don’t fit them, they can activate health issues that can last a lifetime, in addition to the aforementioned injuries in their lower extremities.

Pediatric-Foot-Doctor-in-Mission-Viejo-by-Mission-Viejo-Foot-and-Ankle-Surgeon--(3)Many parents worry about their toddlers when they first start walking. You do not need to force your toddler to start the walking process as they will do so when they are ready. Once they are actually walking, examine their gait. Some toddlers will walk in a pigeon-toed fashion. This is normal. Others will walk on their toes instead of their heels. This is also common. If you see other types of issues with your toddler’s early walking efforts, contact a pediatric foot doctor in Mission Viejo for possible next steps.

Your Child’s Feet

As a parent, you want your child to do all of the running, jumping, skipping, and leaping that their little bodies can stand, but all of that action can be hard on their feet. If your child wants to participate in organized sports, it is a good idea to get their feet looked at by a podiatrist on a regular basis. Not only can this prevent issues in their lower extremities, but it can also stop sports-related injuries from causing issues throughout their lives.

How do I know if my child needs to be seen?

Pediatric-Foot-Doctor-in-Mission-Viejo-by-Mission-Viejo-Foot-and-Ankle-Surgeon--(4)Children with flat feet may be prescribed orthotics. If there are issues with either pigeon toes or out-toeing, your little one might have to sit in a different position when seated. Splints, night braces or corrective shoes may be prescribed if your child’s feet turn in or out.

Watch for oddities pertaining to your child’s bone structure in their foot. Injuries to the growth plate in their foot can cause the bones to become misshapen. But with the help of a pediatric foot doctor in Mission Viejo, the risk of future of future bone issues are reduced.

To schedule an appointment with our office, contact us today. We can also answer any questions you might have about the diagnostic process or our minimally invasive treatment methods. By scheduling an appointment with us, your child will be seen by the best pediatric foot doctor in Mission Viejo.